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World Economic Forum: Olympics: How a shift in focus can help you achieve your goals, July 27, 2021.

World Economic Forum, Video: Here’s how to think like an Olympian, according to psychologists, July 27, 2021.

The Conversation: A winning edge for the Olympics and everyday life: Focusing on what you’re trying to accomplish rather than what’s going on with your body, July 23, 2021.

UNLV Today: Gold on the Line: Olympic Athletes and Their Focus of Attention, July 8, 2021

Brooks Klein, Omnus Athletic Performance: The OPTIMAL Theory of Motor Learning: A Better Way to Teach Movement, May 20, 2019

Jessica Wapner, Washington Post: It’s great to be ‘in the zone’ — while working, exercising and creating art. Here’s how to get there.

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Does Focusing on Musical Expressiveness in Performance Come at the Expense of Technical Precision? — The Bulletproof Musician by Noa Kageyama

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Tim Neumann — Say the magic words: Internal vs external coaching cues: https://www.mytpi.com/articles/swing/say_the_magic_words_internal_vs_external_coaching_cues

APTA — External focus improves postural stability in patients with Parkinson disease

KNPR — A new strategy for success in sports: http://www.knpr.org/son/archive/detail2.cfm?SegmentID=9074

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